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May 2014: What you do matters: After a lecture on the severity of climate change and the threat to our civilization, a student asked me what I would like to tell my 20-year old self. It took me some time to find the answer. In my column in ApoGeo in February 2014, I provided a first part, and developed an avenue to an economy for humanity, which is now being implemented by Economy4Humanity. The second part of the answer was indicated in a guest column in the Virginian Pilot, which stimulated many comments. The longer version of this second part of my answer is published in my column in ApoGeo, see here. The column ends with this: “I would want to shout to my younger self that you are living at the beginning of a period that will turn out to be a crossroad for our civilization and that what you do, what your neighbor does, what your group does, matters: you are determining civilization's future, which will be somewhere between the hopes of “Independence Day” and the devastation of “The Road.” Nothing less! Your choice.

Take responsibility. That is what I want to tell my twenty year old self — and also my much older self.”

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