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On Sustainability

Some books I came across ...
  • Edwards, A. S., 2005: The Sustainability Revolution - portrait of a pardigm shift. New Society Publishers, Canada, 206 pages.

  • Esty, D., Winston A. S., 2006: Green to Gold - How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage. Yale University Press, New Haven, London, 366 pages.

  • Hawken, P., 2007: Blessed Unrest - How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw it Comming. Viking, 342 pages.

  • Hawken, P., Lovins, A. and Lovins, L. H., 2008: Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution.

    "IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT A WORLD WHERE CITIES HAVE BECOME PEACEFUL and serene because cars and buses are whisper quiet, vehicles exhaust only water vapor, ..." Key Phrases: radical resource productivity, design mentality, natural capitalism, United States, New York, Los Angeles.

  • McDonough, W., Braungart, M., 2002. Cradle to cradle - Remaking the Way we Make Things. North Point Press, New York, 193 pages.

  • Ray-Jones, A. (ed.), 2000. Sustainable Architecture in Japan - The Green Buildings of Nikken Sekkei. Wiley-Academy, 225 pages.
  • Taylor, G., 2008. Evolutions Edge - The Coming Collapse and Transformation of our World. New Society Publishers, Canada, 306 pages.

  • United Nations Development Programme, 2008. The UNDP Development report 2006/2007. United Nations.

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