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My Column “On the Edge” in ApogeoSpatial

My column “On the Edge” is published in ApogeoSpatial.

Column 22: Changing Global Risk perception — Learning what is needed to increase community resilience from from the "stress test" pandemic
Column 21: Climate Change Science More Widely Published — Ensuring the future we want.
Column 20: Prioritizing the Ocean: SDG #14, “Life Below Water” — Can we change our priorities to reduce the mounting threats to the ocean?
Column 19: Modern Climate Change - A Symptom of a Single-Species High-Energy Pulse.
Column 18: Interpreting What we see - Distance Impacts our Perceptions
Column 17: Extreme Weather's Tie to Climate - Language Matters
Column 16: Changing the Story - The Planetary Physiology
Column 15: SDGs - How to be successful under unfavorable conditions
Column 14: A Look at Earth from Aliens' Perspective
Column 13: The Laboratory for “Patient Earth”
Column 12: Knowledge Must Translate into Action - "They had all the Knowledge ..."
Column 11: Safeguarding our life support system - Overcoming the "immutable truth" of growth being necessary for a thriving economy.
Column 10: Finding the Message in the Facts — Has Humanity Evolved into the most Extreme Hazard, and Anthropogenic Cataclysm?
Column 9: Extreme Volcanic Eruptions — The Global Population May not be Prepared.
Column 8: The Slowly Developing Disaster of Sea Level Rise — Our Responsibility: Preparing the Coasts for Large-Scale Inundation.
Column 7: The Year 2015: The Start of a New Decade of Making it Right? — Building a Global Resilient Community
Column 6: The Credibility of Science — Acknowledging what we do not know
Column 5: Risk Management — Climate VS. Car Crashes.
Column 4: Humanity for Economy or Economy for Humanity? - What to tell your 20-year-old self.
Column 3: Uncontrolled Experiment or Planetary Accident? - The Global High-Energy, Growth-Addicted Civilization is an “Extinction-Class Event”.
Column 2: Alarmist or Realist - The Art of Creating Worry.
Column 1: Running in Fog - Finding a safe operating space for humanity.